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LOGISTEED's Smart Logistics

Evolving Smart Logistics Solutions

We deliver Smart Logistics.

Our "Smart Logistics" helps you to build a smarter supply chain while we provide one-stop solutions to your diverse challenges.

  • Next-generation logistics solutions that are kind to people and the environmentOur Smart Logistics consists of three main pillars: contract logistics, heavy haulage and installation, and freight forwarding. Capitalizing on our worldwide network and abundant experience as an industry pioneer, we can help you build an optimal supply chain. We strive to create new value with you, leveraging also another pillar consisting of many logistics solutions, as well as our IT (information technology) and LT (logistics technology).

  • A leading B2B logistics providerMaking full use of our advanced IT and logistics technologies, vast network around the globe, and extensive experience and know-how, we offer comprehensive logistics services with intense focus on safety, quality, and productivity. As an industry pioneer, we pride ourselves on our long track record of handling reliably a wide variety of goods, including consumer electronics, automobile parts, heavy construction machinery and equipment, commodities for retailing (such as supermarkets and drugstores), pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and apparel.

  • Optimizing your SCM, whether it involves small items or heavy cargosWe come up with an optimal solution for your supply chain, from our service portfolio which ranges from 3PL/contract logistics, heavy machinery transport and relocation, freight forwarding, to a variety of value added solutions. In addition, we not only strive to develop new business models for better SCM efficiency, with our overseas procurement consolidation platform being just an example, but also play a part in social innovation through logistics, as we move railway vehicles, power plant equipment, and so on, supporting the infrastructure enhancement in our society.

  • Extensive footprint and capabilities around the globeThe synergy from seamless integration of our Group companies' individual strengths and our worldwide network allows us to deliver great service quality, not only in Japan but around the globe. We have also been actively expanding our inter-modal and cross-border transportation network. We are committed to meeting your individual needs anywhere in the world, while acting as your business partner to help you fully optimize your overall global supply chain.

  • Delivering logistics innovationsAs we strive for logistics innovations, we have been conducting joint studies on logistics technologies and business models with various companies and research institutions. One example is our project with some of a collaborative innovation partner, to promote the application of such cutting-edge technologies to logistics operations, as the Internet of Things, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Indeed, we are collaborating with many customers and partners on an array of new possibilities for more advanced logistics systems and additional value creation.

  • Considerations for our environmentOur business model of shared logistics platforms allows us to provide, in each region, consolidated storage, delivery, and information systems. By streamlining the delivery traffic, your inventory, packaging materials, and so on, we can reduce the impact on our environment while improving the logistics operational efficiency at the same time. We have also been pushing ahead with a variety of other green logistics efforts, such as taking measures against global warming, aimed at protecting the future of mankind and our planet.