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LOGISTEED Group Social Media Policy

LOGISTEED, Ltd. and its group companies (hereinafter referred to as "LOGISTEED Group") shall set forth and comply with the "LOGISTEED Group Social Media Policy" (hereinafter referred to as "the Policy") with regard to running the official social media account and the participation of LOGISTEED Group employees' social media.

Further, with regard to the details, they shall be separately set forth and run in the Community Guideline.

The Basic Policy for the Purpose and Usage of Social Media

LOGISTEED Group shall perform promotion and communication activities as well as public relations activities, etc. through various social media intended to build better relationships with the customers and those who use social media.

With regard to the usage of social media, we shall comply with the "LOGISTEED Group Code of Conduct" and conduct activities based on legal compliance and corporate ethics in accordance with the "Basics and Ethics"

Preparations required for the Use of Social Media

LOGISTEED Group shall use social media with full awareness of the responsibilities and the influences of us in disseminating information through social media and while keeping the following in mind.

  1. We will comply with all relevant laws and regulations in Japan and overseas, and act appropriately as a member of society, based on correct corporate ethics and fair, transparent, and free competition.
  2. With regard to the information that the society requires, we shall value the dialogue process with the broad-based stakeholders, listen to the diverse opinions and information, and sincerely and proactively strive to promote interactive communication with society while ensuring transparency.
  3. In regard to the collecting of information, we shall perform it in a fair and adequate manner by employing the correct means as well as strive to secure the concerned parties confidential and private information, etc.
  4. We will strive to provide information that does not cause misunderstanding, with the full understanding that once information is sent out, it may spread to an unspecified number of users and may not be able to be completely deleted.

To the Customers and the Social Media Users

Please be advised that the information which LOGISTEED Group sends out does not necessarily represent an official announcement or the opinion of LOGISTEED Group since we focus on the immediacy and the timeliness of information.
With regard to official announcements and opinion, please visit the web site of LOGISTEED, Ltd. and the News Release.

Official Accounts


We post videos of LOGISTEED Group companies, services, and commercials here.

X(formerly Twitter)(Japanese version only)

We shall send out various information about LOGISTEED Group.


We shall send out global information about LOGISTEED Group.


With regard to inquiries about the Policy and the social media usage of LOGISTEED Group, please contact us from the request form of the web site of LOGISTEED, Ltd.

Community Guidelines


LOGISTEED, Ltd. and its group companies (hereinafter referred to as "LOGISTEED Group") shall set forth the community guidelines (hereinafter referred to as "Guidelines") of the social media official account (hereinafter referred to as the "Official Account") as below.

Items to be deleted

With regard to posts (including comments and replies) concerning the following item, they may be deleted ※ without prior notice.

  1. Posts that fall under the scope of confidential matters etc. before opening to the public.
  2. Posts that are aimed for being false content, misleading or to induce misunderstanding.
  3. Posts that hinder health and productive discussions.
  4. Posts that discriminate and place slander or libel on third parties, or infringe on their privacy and human rights, etc.
  5. Action of Spamming
  6. Posts that infringe on other parties'copyright and right of portrait, and other intellectual property rights.
  7. Posts that are relevant to political activities, election campaigns, and religious activities.
  8. Contents that are aimed at criminal behavior or induce criminal behavior.
  9. Inadequate posts including lewd expressions, etc.
  10. Posts that hurt LOGISTEED Group as well as the employees of LOGISTEED Group.
  11. Posts or acts that LOGISTEED Group determines inadequate.

※About Deletion.
Deletion refers to the entire process that we perform in order not to expose relevant posts (including comments and replies) to third parties in accordance with the operational rules of each social media.


  1. With regard to the posts from the Official Account of LOGISTEED Group, we shall try to make them as accurate as possible at the time of posting. Please be advised that the official opinion of LOGISTEED Group shall be seen in the web site of LOGISTEED, Ltd. and the News Releases.
  2. LOGISTEED Group shall bear no responsibility for the accuracy and the legality of posts (including citations) or the other information posted in the Official Account from the users (the stakeholders of LOGISTEED Group), third parties (general social media users other than the users).
  3. LOGISTEED Group shall bare no responsibility for damages raised by the troubles between the users and those between the users and third parties.
  4. LOGISTEED Group does not promise to respond to all comments (including questions) on the posts (including the absence of posts).
  5. LOGISTEED Group does not promise to follow back any follows received to the official account. Moreover, LOGISTEED Group may block or otherwise take action against an account that posts content that falls under "Items to be deleted".
  6. The Official Account and its posts may be subject to deletion without notice.
  7. The Official Account does not use the direct message function. Therefore we may not respond to direct messages.

Rights Relation

The copyrights and other rights related to the posts in the Official Account shall belong to LOGISTEED Group and other right holders recognized by LOGISTEED Group.

Changes in the Guidelines

LOGISTEED Group may change the contents of the Guidelines without the consent of social media users and others. In this event, the post-change Guidelines shall be in effect at the time when LOGISTEED Group posts it on its website and officially, or announces it in other mediums, and from then on the post-change Guidelines shall be applied to social media users.

Privacy Policy

In the event that LOGISTEED Group obtains private information, it shall be adequately done based on each social media company's regulations, guidelines, as well as "Plivacy Policy".


For inquiries about the Official Account, the Policy as well as Guidelines in general, please contact us from the request form of the web site of LOGISTEED, Ltd.

Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction

The Official Account and tthe Policy as well as Guidelines are subject to the laws of Japan. The Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction for resolving any disputes relating to this website.