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Our Heavy Handling Capabilities

Our Strengths in Heavy Haulage

From ultra-heavy plant machinery and railway vehicles, to precision equipment, medical equipment, and machine tools. We can safely transport a variety of loads that are huge in size and yet require delicate handling. Since our foundation in 1950, we have been transporting an array of heavy machinery and equipment safely and securely with the state-of-the-art equipment, allowing us to build up a wealth of experience, expertise, and technical skills. Furthermore, since we have a freight forwarding function within our Group, we can deliver international heavy haulage as smoothly as domestic projects.

We get ourselves fully involved with your projects from the planning stage onwards; We can provide our know-how for your technical studies during design or construction phases, and will also make improvement proposals for ongoing projects. We work closely with you, not only to ensure the safe, high-quality transportation of your cargo, but also to pursue the total cost minimization (TCM).

  1. Since we take care of all aspects of the project, from transportation to installation, customers can keep project management costs or construction costs down to a minimum.
  2. We deliver a high level of safety and robust quality by taking advantage of our vast technical expertise, acquired over the years since our foundation.
  3. We offer world-wide support by working closely with local staff and partners on the ground, as part of a fully global structure.
High quality heavy equipment that can only be handled by the LOGISTEED Group

We can also be relied upon to handle the transportation of maintenance parts, or take care of all related logistics for heavy machinery.
As an expert in 3rd party logistics, and by using the operational know-how accumulated through the logistics systems we have developed, we add value to your SCM by supporting strategy development and continuous improvement.

Three Things to Know about Our Heavy Transport


A Wealth of Project Experience around the Globe

At LOGISTEED, we have accumulated vast know-how in the field of heavy duty/special cargo transportation such as for power plants, chemical plants, railway vehicles, and so on.


Engineering & Transportation Expertise

We offer planning and design that draws on our wealth of experience to provide practical, logical, and efficient solutions for you.
Through working in sync with our forwarding department, we can contribute to lowering your total costs by shortening the project time-frame and reducing management tasks.


Global Network

We offer total coordination for managing client projects, both in Japan and all over the world. We also provide safe and reliable transportation planning by our experienced staff and professional engineering team.

History of Our Heavy Machinery and Plant Logistics

History of Our Heavy Machinery and Plant Logistics

We have been handling heavy industrial equipment since our foundation in 1950. In particular, we have been deeply involved in Japan's development of electricity generating power plants, playing an important role in relation to the infrastructure put in place for thermal power, hydropower, and nuclear power.
To that end, the transportation of electricity generating equipment has played a big part in the history of LOGISTEED's heavy transport business.
Indeed, our ability to transport not only ultra-heavy equipment for power generating facilities, but also delicate precision instruments, can be said to be the base upon which our current transportation expertise is built.

History of Our Heavy Machinery and Plant Logistics

History of Our Heavy Machinery and Plant Logistics

Vietnam's First Urban Railway - Transportation Service for Infrastructure and Railroads in a Global Market

Vietnam's first urban railway - Transportation service for infrastructure and railroads in a global market

Vietnam is currently experiencing a rapid increase in road traffic due to economic development, and several urban railroads are planned to be constructed to expand the public transportation network.
LOGISTEED is responsible for the transportation of the first phase of the project "Ho Chi Minh City Urban Railway Line 1".
By 2022, a total of 51 cars are scheduled to be transported from Japan to the railroad depot built in Ho Chi Minh City.
Our expert staff will provide safe and timely transportation based on a detailed transportation plan.
We will contribute to the development of society on a global scale by transporting railcars to countries that are working to reduce traffic congestion and protect the environment.

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