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Industrial Project Cargos

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The machinery and equipment handled in transportation projects related to industrial plants is extremely wide and varied in nature. Large pumps and rolling mills, dust collection equipment, various types of cranes, towers, tanks, conveyors, elevators, and escalators; these are just a few of the typical examples. The transportation purpose of each cargo varies, and is not limited to the actual plant construction, but also includes dismantling, items for disposal, or items to be exhibited.

One thing that is common in all these projects is the need for creating plans based on accurate investigations and cutting-edge expertise of handling such special cargos. We work closely with you from the planning stage onwards to provide high-quality solutions all the way through, ensuring that we meet your expectations consistently.

Industrial Project Cargos Flow Chart

Case Studies of Heavy Haulage of Industrial Projects

Relocation of Special Cargo (Decommissioned Submarine) in Japan

Relocation of Special Cargo (Decommissioned Submarine) in Japan

This super heavy submarine, with a weight of 2,500 tonnes, and measuring in at 76m in length, 10m in width, and 19m in height, was set up for outdoor exhibition at the museum through the use of large crane vessels and a special trailer.

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