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Environmental Protection Action Guidelines

The company has established Environmental Protection Action Guidelines which outlines our efforts to address environmental issues within our business activities based on our corporate philisophy.

Environmental Protection Action Guidelines

  1. In recognition that problems affecting the global environmental conservation are serious matters for all humankind, realization of a sustainable society in harmony with the environment will be a top management priority and we will construct environmental management system aiming to be an environmentally-friendly "good corporate citizen" throughout the Company-wide.
  2. By establishing a structure for the promotion of environmental conservation, enacting regulations relating to the environment, setting environmental impact reduction targets, and similar measures, officers and site directors in charge of environmental promotion will promote environmental preservation activities. In addition, we will strive to maintain and improve by confirming environmental conservation activities and achievement status through environmental audits.
  3. Accurately understand the needs of stakeholders regarding the prevention of global warming, the cyclical use of resources, and consideration for the conservation of ecosystems, we will work to make contributions to society through the development of highly reliable logistics engineering and logistics systems that meet those needs.
  4. We will investigate and examine the effect of its business operations, which connect production and consumption, on the environment and seek to introduce new technologies and materials with superior functionality regarding environmental safety, energy conservation and resource conservation, reducing greenhouse gas emissions which is one of the causes of global warming or controlling amount of waste generated.
  5. In addition to complying with international environmental regulations and environmental regulations of national/regional and local governments, we will develop its own standards where necessary to maintain environmental conservation.
  6. With regard to overseas activities, in addition to observing applicable countries and regions regulations related to the environment, we will give due consideration to the social environment of applicable countries and regions and maintain environmental conservation properly.
  7. In addition to introducing employee educations to work towards enhancing the environmental awareness of its employees, we will focus its activities on society at large, contributing to that society, of which our company is a part, through environmental preservation activities carried out from a broad perspective.
  8. Should an environmental problem arise as a result of our business activities, we will take appropriate steps to minimize the impact on the environment.
  9. We will strive to strengthen mutual understanding and cooperative relationships by regularly disclosing information and actively communicating with stakeholders regarding environmental conservation activities.

(Adopted: June 3, 1993)
(Revised: March 1, 2022)