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Management Plan

Basic Policy of Management

Under the corporate philosophy "to deliver high-quality services that will help make the world a better place for people and nature for generations to come," the LOGISTEED Group aims to become the most preferred solution provider for all of our stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, and employees, in the sophisticated, diversified and wide-ranging global supply chain, and under this vision, strives to achieve sustainable growth by solving issues and creating "values" through various "collaborative innovation." Shows the role and the "Way" to move forward of the LOGISTEED Group to embody our Corporate Philosophy and Corporate Vison.


Business Environment

While the global economy is recovering from the damage inflicted by the global pandemic of COVID-19, the environment surrounding the Group remains uncertain due to geopolitical risk associated with the U.S.-China standoff and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the rise in global inflation, and ongoing climate change and natural disasters, etc.
Under such circumstances, the Group is required to address changes in business environment, including worsening labor shortages against the backdrop of declining birthrate and aging population in Japan, actualization of geopolitical risk, climate change, and intensifying competition beyond industry boundaries, to maintain resilient global supply chains by solving issues through innovation with IoT/AI, robotics, and DX toward the realization of sustainable society.

Basic Policy

Under the brand slogan "Taking on the Future" and our business concept "LOGISTEED," the Group creates economic value as well as social and environmental values through "pursuit of safety, quality, and productivity" which is a success driver to achieve "LOGISTEED WAY."
And we will aim to become the "most preferred global supply chain solutions provider" through a strong partnership with Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P. toward our medium-to-long-term vision "LOGISTEED2030."

[LOGISTEED]: A word that combines LOGISTICS with Exceed, Proceed, Succeed, and Speed.
            It represents our determination to lead businesses to a new domain beyond the conventional logistics.


Priority Measures

【Collaborative innovation with partners to enhance capability】
  • High value-added solutions to optimize the entire SCM
  • Improve customer convenience and efficiency through DX
  • Enhance overseas value chain with a consistent approach
  • Engage in projects to make advance investment
  • Promote strategic M&As
  • Solidify position as a platform provider
  • Solidify ESG management base

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