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IR Policy

Basic Policy

LOGISTEED recognizes that sustainable growth and enhancement of corporate value over the mid- to long-term require impartial and highly-transparent information disclosure in a timely and appropriate manner and active dialogue with investors, and endeavors to develop the framework of investor relations and enhance communication with investors.

Information Disclosure Standards

In accordance with the laws, regulations of the financial instruments exchange and internal rules, etc. for information management and disclosure, LOGISTEED will appropriately manage important information of the Company and its group companies, etc. that should be disclosed, ensure accuracy of the disclosure, and disclose impartial and highly transparent information in a timely and appropriate manner. In addition to the information required by laws and regulations and relevant disclosure rules, etc., the Company will actively disclose other information regarded as useful for investors to deepen their understanding of the Company's management policy and business activities.

Disclosure Methods

LOGISTEED uses appropriate means to disclose the information required by laws and regulations. LOGISTEED also discloses other information by distributing news releases, holding press conferences and presentations, posting information on its website, and conducting other disclosure activities in a timely, appropriate, and precise manner to broadly communicate information outside the Company.

Stance on Dialogue

Public Relations Department of Corporate Strategy Office in charge of investor relations is responsible for dialogue (interview) with investors. Officers, if their attendance is requested, may attend the interview when needed depending on the interest of shareholders and investors and the schedule, etc.

Policy on Development of System and Approach to Facilitate Constructive Dialogue

LOGISTEED has put in place a system to promote constructive dialogue with investors in cooperation with IR division, corporate division, and other business divisions. In particular, IR, accounting and finance, general affairs and legal, and other business divisions cooperate under the control of the General Manager of Corporate Strategy Office. Also, as another effort to promote constructive dialogue with investors, IR staff attend various meetings within the Company to share internal information. In addition, communication with investors is reported to the management in a timely and appropriate manner.

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