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Policy and Structure

Safety Slogan

Under the policy that "Safety is our first priority" and the Safety Slogan based on the policy, the Group ensures that each employee carries on the safety cultures and strives to provide safe and secure services.

Safety Slogan

"Safety First"

Safety priority policy

The Group establishes a unified priority initiative policy every year and works on activities based on the policy and the Safety Slogan.

1. Safety Slogan "Safety First"

2. Safety top message

Once every six months, the president of Group companies at fields and the executive officer or the operating officer in charge at our head office and headquarters send a "Safety Top Message" to raise safety awareness.

3. Safety priority initiative

  1. Basic policy
    a. Based on the philosophy of "Safety is our first priority," we engage in safety activities with concerted efforts by all employees, creates safe and secure services, and strives to foster a culture of safety.
    b. Under corporate social responsibility, each employee carries out safety activities that adhere to the basics in compliance with applicable laws and internal rules, etc. which will lead to the sustainable growth of the Company.
    c. In order to put into practice the "three key goal indicators (safety, quality, productivity) " that are "Success Drivers" of the "LOGISTEED WAY," we will carry out the PDCA cycle of planning, execution, evaluation, and improvement, aiming at prevention of accidents in advance and accident recurrence.
  2. Safety Initiative
    a. Eradication of similar and serious accidents, b. Promotion of preventive maintenance activities by safety technologies, c. Strengthening on-site safety, d. Strengthening overseas governance, e. Strengthening of firefighting-related issues

Safety promotion structure

The Company assigns "an operating officer in charge of safety" reviewed by the Board of Directors and promotes top-down safety activities. Monthly Executive Committee deliberates and receives reports on accident occurrence and semi-annually Audit & Supervisory Board also receives reports on the progress of safety activities and accident occurrence in order to ensure safety activities promotion and management under a system that also enables supervision by the Board of Directors.
In addition, we have built a system that allows all executive officers and operating officers, including the Executive Chairman, and President, to receive the initial report and follow-up reports by email in the event of an accident, so that they can take prompt measures to prevent the occurrence of similar accidents.
Furthermore, we have established "Safety and Health Management Regulations" and have built a safety management system for each office and Group companies. Specifically, a total of 82 Safety Instructors who completed about three months of safety instructor mentoring training at the Matsudo Training Institute are assigned to the head office and individual group companies to provide daily safety instruction, and a "Health and Safety Committee" is set up in each office, in promoting measures to prevent hazards and health problems for employees. Moreover, we have been working to improve safety levels by sharing safety-related information at company-wide presentations held each year.

Safety Promotion Structure

*Health and Safety Committee

CompositionSafety and health managers and industrial physicians
(Including company representative and employee representative)
Holding frequencyAt least once a month
Main agenda items
  • Investigation and deliberation on measures to prevent danger and health problems
  • Analysis of causes of workplace accident and vehicle accidents and measures to prevent recurrence
  • Planning for safety and health education
  • Workplace environment improvements and hygiene
Other activities Regular workplace inspections and improvement activities

Safety Initiatives

In order to protect the safety of employees and deliver safety and security to customers, our group has been working to acquire specialized knowledge, improve driving skills and inspection skills, and to raise awareness and improve knowledge about safety through a variety of safety-related education and training, as well as internal and external driving competitions, and practicing safety activities throughout the Group.


The Group performs progress management of safety promotion activities using the following safety indicators, and reflects this in the next fiscal year's initiatives.

Occupational Health and Safety of employees
・Workplace accident (frequency rate / severity rate) ・Keep track of the achievements ・The company, domestic group companies
Tracking status of accidents including the supply chain (transportation partner companies)
・Reduction rate for three types of accidents
・Number of serious accidents
・FY2024 target: Down by 40% from FY2021
・Every fiscal year: 0
・The Company, domestic/overseas group companies
・The Company, domestic/overseas group companies

* Workplace accidents, vehicle accidents, and product accidents

To Provide Safe and Secure

Dissemination of Safety Slogan

Safety Poster

We post "Safety Poster" which made by employee in all sales offices and to ensure dissemination of Safety Slogan or to promote safety activities.

Morning meeting of safety

Morning Meeting of safety

In order to prevent recurrence of tragic accidents, our group is holding "morning meeting of safety" at all sites in April and October.

Partner companies top seminar (domestic)

Partner Companies Top Seminar

We also recognize that safety activities in not only all employees full coordination with our partner companies are essential. For our group, our partner companies that accept transportation operations, etc. are important partners and each group company holds a top seminar semiannually by inviting management from partner companies for good safety examples and preventive maintenance.
Top seminar holding area
Chubu Area (LOGISTEED Central Japan, Ltd. in September)

*Seminars were not held or reduced in FY2022 in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Presentation meeting of safety quality activities

Presentation Meeting of Safety Quality Activities

We are working on further bolstering of on-site operations of the entire our group by having each site make a presentation on their efforts for "improvement of on-site operations" to share and expand the best practice of operational safety of the Group.
In FY2021, five domestic Group companies presented good practices, but from the perspective of preventing the spread of COVID-19, we decided not to present any overseas Group companies.

Labor Safety and Quality Managers' Meeting

Labor Safety and Quality Managers' Meeting

We hold the "Labor Safety and Quality Managers' Meeting" each month and implement a safety PDCA cycle, in which accident countermeasures are selected that should especially be deployed to the entire our group, among the countermeasures against accidents that occur in the field, in attempting to prevent similar accidents, as well as checking the implementation status of safety measures deployed in the field and making improvements as necessary.

Adoption of safety technology

We adopt various safety technologies to vehicles and facilities at each site to prevent accidents.

Installation of SSCV-Safety (Safety Operation Management Solution)

In order to protect drivers as an organization and not to become either the victim or assailant, we are promoting the installation of "SSCV-Safety," a solution to prevent accidents due to absent-minded driving.
In Japan, we completed the installation of "SSCV-Safety" in all approximately 2,300 commercial trucks and private vehicles owned by the Group, and started its operation. The installation of "SSCV-Safety" has allowed us to provide drivers with guidance based on the daily review, reducing the number of average incidents in FY2022 by 50% year on year.
This activity has also contributed to enhancing compliance by raising drivers' safety awareness and realizing stable and systematic vehicle assignment by raising awareness on health management. In the future, we will introduce the solution to personal vehicles of all domestic group companies as well as to the trucks of partner transport companies, with the aim of increasing the number of vehicles to approximately 6,000 by FY2024.

・SSCV-Safety actual installation and future target (domestic)

FY2021 FY2022 FY2024 (Target)
The Group Commercial trucks 1,286 1,253 approx.
Personal vehicles 891 1,046 approx.
Trucks of partner transport companies 0 220 approx.

・Safety education for SSCV-Safety users (partner transport companies)

Number of sessions held 9 webinars
Number of attendees 30 companies / 51 persons

・Number of incidents during vehicle operation* by utilizing "SSCV-Safety"

Number of average incidents* 0 0

* Per vehicle in operation per month
Scope: The Company, domestic group companies

・Installing dashboard cameras

Dashboard camera

The Group has also installed dashboard cameras in all 2,300 domestic commercial trucks, trailers or company vehicles (as of March, 2023).



The Group has adopted the Mobileye* collision prevention system for our existing fleet of trucks and trailers.
*This system incorporates a high-performance image processing semiconductor developed by Mobileye N.V.

・Back monitor

In addition to our group has installed including those of transport partner companies vehicles to ensure safety of the surrounding area by double-checking both by sight and monitor. In fiscal 2020, we will complete the installation on all of the approximately 1,200 applicable vehicles of domestic group companies, and we are working to ensure that monitors are installed as standard equipment when new vehicles are introduced.

Back monitor1 Back monitor2

Adoption of Safety Technology on forklifts

・Installing dashboard cameras

In addition to all trucks it owns in Japan, the Group has also installed dashboard cameras in forklifts so as to be used for daily activities to secure safety including confirmation with finger pointing and calling during operation. We are also installing dashboard cameras in overseas group companies. By FY2020, all forklifts owned by us will be equipped with the cameras, and installation of the cameras will be mandatory for all new forklifts.

forklift, dashboard camera

[Individual case examples before and after introduction]
・LOGISTEED East Japan, Ltd. (a logistics site in Tsukuba City): Reduction of near-miss (Hiyari-Hatto) incidents by 60% nine months after introduction
・In western Japan: Year-on-year decrease in the number of forklift accidents by 40% after introduction
Forklift equipped with dashboard camera
(as of March, 2023)

Scope: The Company, domestic/overseas group companies

・Blue LED/Red LED

Blue LED Red LED

In order to warn that a forklift backing up is approaching, a brighter blue LED backup light* was introduced in both domestic and overseas sites in addition to the current backup light. Also, at several overseas bases such as LOGISTEED China, Ltd. and Flyjac Logistics Pvt. Ltd., in addition to blue LEDs, we have introduced red LEDs that illuminate the area around the forklift.

*Commercially available LED that is use for light, not a device exclusively for forklift

・Visualizing unsafe behaviors

Safety Cockpit

We strive to prevent occupational accidents by visualizing unsafe behaviors using videos.
To visualize unsafe behaviors of forklifts operated inside the logistics centers, we installed cameras on the ceiling of the areas with a high risk of accident. When forklifts fail to stop at stop signs, that will be automatically detected by the image recognition technology, and alarms will go off to warn the operator about the unsafe behavior. The video data is also analyzed for future measures.
We introduced this at nine sites by FY2019. Since FY2020, we were able to reduce the number of forklift stop violations compared to before the system was introduced by also sending out warnings via signal towers. We will continue to expand introduction and enhance functions in order to prevent workplace accidents from occurring.

Crime Prevention and Accident Prevention Project

The Group launched the Crime Prevention and Accident Prevention Project in FY2022 to create a workplace environment with further enhanced crime prevention, accident prevention and disaster mitigation in addition to existing safety and quality activities. To realize the future logistics center envisaged by the Company, we are proceeding with visualization of safety, quality, productivity, fire prevention, accident prevention and crime prevention perspectives through a "Centralized Safety and Quality Control Center" performing AI recognition of incidents and hazardous work, detection of anomalies through deep learning and centralized management of alerts.

Toward the Realization of Future Vision of Logistics Center

As part of our efforts to enhance our warehouses, we are working to visualize safety- and quality-related incidents and hazardous work that may occur in our logistics centers. In FY2022, to realize the automated center concept which visualizes and centrally controls safety/quality/productivity/fire prevention/crime prevention, we introduced a video management system with advanced analysis functions in three logistics centers in Japan. We began cloud-based remote monitoring and centralized control at the "Centralized Safety and Quality Control Center" established in the head office. From FY2023, we plan to expand such functions as issuing alerts using AI and increase the number of locations subject to monitoring.
Expanded functions being planned
・Detection of unsafe behavior and intrusion by suspicious persons
・Detection of hazards, etc. through linkage with various digital sensors such as temperature management sensors
・Centralized management of detection information and issuing alerts, etc.

Firefighting visualization system

We have developed our own firefighting visualization system to strengthen our self-defense firefighting system by ensuring compliance with the Fire Service Act and other relevant laws and regulations. In January 2023, we began the firefighting equipment control using the system. The system enables us to manage inspection deadlines through real-time checks of the inspection status of firefighting equipment, which leads to prevention of cases where firefighting equipment remains unrepaired by an oversight and reduction of human and material damage, etc. due to defective firefighting equipment.

Boosting Safety Knowledge and Driving and Operation Skill

Sending contestants to external forklift and trucking competition

Each year, the Group sends contestants in "the National Forklift Driving Contest*1" and "the National Truck Driver Contest*2" for the purpose of acquiring specialized knowledge, improving driving skills, and boosting awareness of safety issues.
Again in FY2022, contestants who won out at prefectural-level preliminary contests around the country competed in the national contests and achieved excellent results.
Through these activities, we strive to raise safety awareness and prevent accidents not only for drivers but also for all employees.

54st National Truck Driver Contest (FY2022)

The Group sent 10 contestants to this competition, where contestants strive for the highest score in both the academic knowledge and skill competitions (inspection and driving), and achieved the excellent results of winning the 4-ton category and the trailer category.

Please refer to below for details of the contest results

Past contest results

37th National Forklift Driving Contest (FY2022)

The Group sent 5 contestants to this competition, where contestants strive for the total score of three categories of academic knowledge, inspection skills and driving technique, and achieved the excellent results of winning the general category and the female drivers category.

Please refer to below for details of the contest results

Past contest results

*1 National Truck Driver Contest: An event organized by the Japan Trucking Association, in which contestants compete for the title of Number One Truck Driver in Japan
*2 National Forklift Driving Contest: An event organized by the Land Transportation Safety & Health Association designed to achieve even better safety and to effectively prevent workplace accidents
In FY2020, both contests were cancelled due to the spread of COVID-19.

Holding internal competition

Vantec Group Competition Opening Ceremony

The VANTEC Group holds group driving competitions every year in order to further improve safety awareness and skills toward no accidents or disasters.
A group driving competition was not held from FY2020 to FY2022 in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Overseas competition Closing ceremony

From FY2013, our group overseas locations have held forklift competitions for local employees. Forklift competitions at overseas locations were not held from FY2020 to FY2022 in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Use of hazard maps

Use of hazard maps

Potential hazards exist even in workplaces where no accidents have occurred. We are promoting risk assessment activities in all workplaces so that employees can write down on hazard maps any areas of the workplace where they feel there are dangers such as near-miss (Hiyari-Hatto) and take immediate countermeasures.

Safety training (practical training and experiential sessions)

We envision a full range of scenarios in workplaces and implement appropriate on-site training sessions based on these, covering both practical training and experiential sessions.
We have also introduced experiential education that reproduces dangerous workplace accident using VR (Virtual Reality).

Safety practical training for cutter

Experiential sessions for carts

Education through experiential sessions using VR

The Group provides experiential sessions using virtual reality (VR) technology. We have created scenarios that allow workers to experience dangerous locations and actions at logistics sites, and we use 360-degree cameras at actual workplaces to reproduce behaviors with potential risk of causing occupational accidents in a virtual space. In this way, we are creating VR video content that helps improve worker safety awareness. We now provide a total of 17 visual contents for VR education and are systematically implementing loans and experiential sessions matching needs in the workplace. In FY2022, we provided the experiential sessions mainly focusing on "collisions with forklifts" at each location.
From FY2023, we plan to conduct similar experiential sessions at overseas locations.

Stumbling in the Workplace
Stumbling in the Workplace

Cutter Cutting Experience
Cutter Cutting Experience

No. of attendees of VR
experiential sessions (FY2022)
37 sites
3,420 participants

Scope: The Company, domestic group companies

Safety training for new employees

The Group conducts lectures and practical trainings for new employees to acquire safety knowledge when join the Company.

Forklift inspection training

Hand cart training

Practical training and instruction for heavy cargo engineering

technical training for Heavy Cargo Engineering

For safe transportation, installation and setting up of large instruments such as railway cars, power plants and industrial machinery, and precision equipment such as laboratory and medical equipment, it is crucial to make a careful plan and follow through the plan at the site.
For the implementation of operations, in addition to scrutinizing the contents of plans and providing on-site guidance, by making use of "Safety technology handbook for heavy cargo engineering," which will be distributed to all workers in heavy machinery and plant facilities transportation we have been striving for safe operation.

Assessing risk and ensuring safety in new business and investment projects

When we launch a new business or introduce new facilities, etc., we hold phase-gate meetings attended by executives at each stage of planning, investment, and operation. At each meeting, potential occupational safety risks are identified and evaluated, and measures are taken to reduce risks.

Online education by digital tools

Holding face-to-face group training sessions continues to be difficult when taking into account preventing the spread of COVID-19. Under such circumstances, the Group conducts live training sessions by utilizing web conferencing tools and video technology such as chroma key compositing. Holding online sessions similar to face-to-face training not only enables close communication with trainees, but also helps prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Online education environment

Online class delivery screen

Raising Safety Awareness

Safety education for all employees

Safety & Quality assurance news

We conduct e-learning for all employees including, the administrative division, introductory education for experienced workers hired, rank-based group trainings, and monthly publication of Safety & Quality assurance news (Japanese, English, Chinese), so as to raise safety awareness throughout the company.

Awareness-raising activities

Safety Quality calendar1 Safety Quality calendar2

We post calendars with easy-to-understand illustrations in workplaces to educate and remind employees.

Shokuba no Manabi (learning in the workplace)

Shokuba no Manabi

We have distributed a video on the safety rules of our group to each sales office under the title of "Shokuba no Manabi (learning in the workplace)," viewed it at Health and Safety Committee meetings and workplace social gatherings, etc., to discuss safety.
We have also created an English version and a Chinese version, to promote deployment thereof in overseas Group companies.

Creating educational videos/trainings

Sample image of the training video

We create educational videos for safe operation and conduct trainings to all employees.

Digital signage

We installed digital signage at various locations at the logistics site, such as break rooms in the warehouses and truck driver waiting areas, and repeatedly display the description, causes, and measures of accidents using videos to raise the safety awareness of all employees.

Content broadcasted at driver waiting area

・Accident cases due to distraction and how to respond
・Accidents caused by excessive speed and how to respond
・Accident cases when backing up and how to respond etc.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage Viewing

Unified safety rules

The Group established the LOGISTEED Work Standards, which set out safety rules for all operations that occur in the course of providing logistics services, including transport and warehouse operations.

Safety initiatives linked to VC activities

We have been conducting initiatives linked to Value Change & Creation Activities (VC activitie) to instill safety awareness in each workplace. In FY2022, the "dialogue session" with management that is one of the VC activities was held on the themes of safety, quality and risk management. By talking about each other's activities and experiences across roles, we made it a place to create opportunities to obtain realizations for future improvement activities. Furthermore, we established a new "Collection of Safety, Quality and Risk Cases" section on the internal platform for sharing examples of VC activities, and will raise accessibility to information on good examples useful for improvement activities in each workplace to promote the spread of the improvement mindset.

Global Safety Activities

Overseas expansion of safety management

In order to spread global safety standards of our group overseas, we have been deploying safety activities in the same way as in Japan to raise awareness of safety management. In specific we send Safety Caravans led by Japanese instructors to overseas and engage in improvement activities together with local staff. The Labor Safety Promotion Office at the Company's head office and the safety promotion managers and staff in overseas local subsidiaries engage in direct dialogue on site while proceeding with safety checks, etc., and work as one not only to directly take steps on site to address issues that are exposed, but also to strengthen ties between workers to enable smooth implementation of continuous improvement measures after the Caravans.
In FY2022, we placed emphasis on North America and Asia, and implemented "Safety Caravans" in the United States, India and Thailand, dug deeper into accidents that occurred, verified the effectiveness of measures, and performed various checks related to safety management, while working to share safety culture and raise safety management awareness.

Global safety(India)India

Global safety(Thailand)Thailand

Internal forklift competitions at overseas locations

From FY2013, our group overseas locations have held forklift competitions for local employees.
Japanese supervisors are sent to these events to boost the globalization of our culture of corporate safety in general as well as to impart safety technologies.
These competitions also serve the purpose of helping individuals to be more aware of their own growth trajectory through healthy competition between local employees.

Forklift Competition(China)

Forklift Competition(Indonesia)

In-house forklift competition holding areas up to FY2019*China, Thailand, Indonesia

*Not held in FY2020 and FY2022 in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Overseas deployment of good examples in safety behavior

Monthly publication of Safety & Quality assurance news is done once a month in Japanese, English and Chinese to report on the occurrence of accidents and disasters, and that is disseminated within the Group. We publish good examples of the causes of accidents and measures to prevent recurrence and strive to raise awareness of safety management not only in Japan but also overseas to prevent similar accidents from occurring.

Transportation Safety Management

This information is disclosed under Article 2 Clause 8 of the Code for Truck Transportation Business Safety.
(Classification of relevant businesses: companies owning under 300 motor trucks for business use)

1. Basic principles regarding transport safety (FY2023)

As an important element of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), all employees at our company and its group companies work in unison to abide by the following principles, under the initiative of our top management.

  1. We strive to enhance the traffic control system, and ensures appropriate and functional traffic control under the guidelines stipulated by law.
  2. We strive continuously to improve transportation safety by implementing a PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle.
  3. We thoroughly reinforce among all employees at our group companies the importance of ensuring safety through education and awareness campaigns.
  4. We work closely with its partner transportation companies to improve safety by holding regular training and safety meetings for staff of partner companies, conducting on-site safety inspection visits, running joint education programs, and distributing safety related brochures and materials.

2. Transportation safety targets and achievements (FY2022)

Information on transportation safety stipulated in Article 2 Clause 8 of the Code for Truck Transportation Business Safety
(Category of target businesses: less than 300 commercial freight vehicles)

  1. Eradication of car accidents
    We aim for zero car accidents, including minor accidents.
    [Achievement results]
    Automobile accidents as defined in Article 2 of the Transportation Safety Management Regulation in terms of our freight transport business and related operations
    The Company: 0
    The Group: 0
  2. Education for traffic accident prevention
    We actively conduct education to prevent traffic accidents.
    [Achievement results]
    i).At our Matsudo Training Institute and various worksites, we conducted training for new drivers, middle-ranking drivers, Motor Vehicle Operation Manager.
    ii).We conducted driver aptitude tests, face-to-face interview based on test results, and practical coaching by leaders.

3. Statistics on accidents set forth in Article 2 of the Transportation Safety Management Regulation

In 2022 business term, we did not receive Statistic traffic accidents defined in Article 2 of the Transportation Safety Management Regulation.

4. Organizational structure and implementation of education on transportation safety

The vehicle management managers of each management headquarters and business establishment managers set an annual plan for safe driving education, and provide driving coaching to driver employees using SSCV-Safety (Safety Operation Management Solution) as needed, in addition to education on the knowledge necessary to prevent traffic accidents.

5. Priority measures for transportation safety (FY2023)
6. Transport Safety Plan (FY2023)

  1. Aim for Eradication of traffic accidents
    We aim for zero traffic accidents, including minor accidents
  2. Education for traffic accident prevention
    We aggressively implement education to each area headquarters, each sales offices or group companies.

7. Actual budgetary amount, etc. related to transportation safety (FY2022)

Regarding the introduction of safety technology and safety education, individual Group companies have actively budgeted for this and promoted activities, and we had also budged for a part thereof, such as the introduction of SSCV (Smart & Safety Connected Vehicle) to Group companies, to support the safety activities of individual companies.

8. Reporting and communication system for accidents, disasters, etc.

We have established a reporting and communication system so that we can respond promptly to all accidents that occur in our group. We respond to particularly serious accidents both domestically and internationally with a system that sends e-mails to all concerned parties including the Executive Chairman and CEO, and President and COO as the first report.

9. Implementation status of education and training on transportation safety

For Group companies, we utilize the training courses and skill centers of the Matsudo Training Institute to provide sensory education such as training in danger prediction during night operations.

Transportation Safety Education and Training (night)

Transportation Safety Education and Training

10. Retribution related to transport safety

In 2022 business term, we did not receive any Transport Safety Order, Business Improvement Order, Suspension of Use for automobile or any other transport equipment, or Business Suspension Order.


Number of participants in safety training at the Matsudo Training Institute
(Training for Group companies hosted by our safety management division)

Training nameFY2022
Truck driver sensory training24
Manager Safety Training- Forklift21
Manager Safety Training- Vehicles16
Manager Safety Training- in-house factory9
On-site instructor safety implementation training28
Company vehicle co-driver instructor training11
Forklift instructor training12

*Trainings were not conducted in FY2021 in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Number of traffic accidents defined in Article 2 of the Transportation Safety Management Regulation (Total of our group*1)


*1:Scope: LOGISTEED, Ltd., LOGISTEED East Japan, Ltd., LOGISTEED Kanto, Ltd., LOGISTEED Metropolitan, Ltd., LOGISTEED South Kanto, Ltd., LOGISTEED Central Japan, Ltd., LOGISTEED West Japan, Ltd., LOGISTEED Kyusyu, Ltd., and LOGISTEED North Japan, Ltd., VANTEC CORPORATION, Vantec East Logistics Corporation, Vantec Central Logistics Corporation, Vantec Kyushu Logistics Corporation, TOKIWA KAIUN COMPANY LIMITED

*2:Breakdown of traffic accidents defined in Article 2 of the Transportation Safety Management Regulation (FY2021)

Fatality or critical injury0

Safety Data

Workplace accident index of the Group (domestic)*1

FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Frequency rate*2 The Group
Inside the parentheses are our company
0.78 (0) 0.88 (0) 0.62 (0)
Transportation and postal services*4 3.31 3.31 4.06
All industries*4 1.95 2.09 2.06
Severity rate*3 The Group
Inside the parentheses are our company
0.019 (0) 0.017 (0) 0.009 (0)
Transportation and postal services*4 0.13 0.22 0.21
All industries*4 0.09 0.09 0.09

*1: Excluding temporary employees and employees of partner companies.
*2: Number of injuries or deaths resulting from workplace accidents for each one million total hours worked by employees.
*3: Number of lost workdays for each 1,000 total hours worked by employees.
*4: Extracted from "Survey on Industrial Accidents" from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Status of occurrence of accidents in the Group (Japan and overseas)

Reduction rate of three types of accidents*5FY2024 target Down by 40% from FY2021
FY2022 achievement Down by 24% from FY2021

*5 Workplace accidents, vehicle accidents, and product accidents

FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Number of serious accidents*6 The Group
1*7(0) 0(0) 0(0)

*6 Fatal workplace accidents. Including temporary employees of Group companies and employees of partner companies.
*7 Caused by a vehicular accident overseas. Implemented measures aimed at identifying the cause and preventing occurrence after the accident.

The following is the data including frequency rate and severity rate of workplace accidents.

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